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Happy Frog: A Fairy Tale

Article type: Writing exercise, Short Story, Fairy Tale Average reading time: 8 to 10 minutes The idea for this post started with a quotation I tried to write down and then that quotation turned into more ideas in my mind and then I decided I should type it down and see what comes out of [...]

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Whose mistake?

Article type: Writing exercise. Fiction. Short story. Average Reading time: 8 to 10 minutes Disclaimer: It’s not my story and for sure  none of my friends’ stories.  Pure nonsense from a crazy and lazy mind. This is an attempt to see if I can still write something worthwhile. I haven’t been writing from a long time; [...]

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Can I be a writer

Have you ever wanted something so badly and at the same time doubt whether you could get it or do it? This question, ‘can I be a writer?’ is nagging me from past few months. I thought of writing a bit about it here so that it would help me organize my thoughts. After reading [...]

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nobody’s nobody

Few days back, while I was reading this book, The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri, a story in that book struck me. In the foreword which had a catchy title, ‘the importance of being important‘, author shared a story, which I am not sure whether he originally wrote it or that story existed [...]

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Pinky questions

Pinky ran towards the school bus after the last class. She jumped into the bus and sat with her best friend. Pinky always sits window-side as she loves to watch people and vehicles on the road; buildings and shops on the roadside. She was eagerly waiting to reach home as she had an important question to [...]

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