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A surprise call

I haven’t thought about this person for almost three years. I probably have forgotten about the existence of this person. Busy life and who has time to think about others when they are just chance acquaintances?  This call was a pleasant surprise for me and cheered me up. So I thought of writing a quick note here hoping it will cheer [...]

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Pizza, Pasta, Smiles, and few Surprises

I was exhausted from a couple of hours of drive on the Hyderabad roads. My most awaited Saturday was spoiled after I got into an argument in the evening with traffic cops when they misbehaved.  I gave up knowing well it’s useless to argue further, quickly came out of the ego trip, and started my [...]

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Remembering Grandpa

Article type: Personal Reading time: 5 to 8 minutes Almost for the first time, I am attempting to write something very personal and sort of a small memoir here. *** If you are fortunate enough to experience the love of grand parents, I am sure you definitely know that they love you more than your [...]

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something something

I haven’t written anything here in last two months and as I type this article I can sense I had lost that ease with which I used to write before. I wanted to write something here desperately and so is the title of the post. In this article, I will try to re-collect what had [...]

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Back to full-time job

After being on my own from Jan 2007, I have finally moved to a full-time job. I have joined as a user-interface consultant in one of the MNCs at Hyderabad. I have worked as a free-lance web developer and successfully implemented web based projects in last three years. For reasons I could not really understand completely now, [...]

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