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Link: The Art of the Start Video

Recently I have watched a video of the presentation given by Guy Kawasaki at the annual meeting of The Indus Entrepreneur organization on May 13, 2006. Though its old, I thought it might help the readers who haven’t seen this video yet. There are really valuable suggestions for anyone starting their own business. I am [...]

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Link: Shekhar Kapur blogs

If you are a Hindi film watcher, you will definitely know who is Shekhar Kapur. Yesterday, When I was skipping through all the TV channels at home, I stopped at NDTV where I saw Shekhar Kapur in an interview. Then I came to know that he has a personal blog. Fortunately, as usual, Google helped [...]

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Link: How to name your company?

When you are planning to start a business, eventually you need a name for your business. Personally I have gone through all the process for naming my web solutions business and finally settled on BrightEye Web Solutions. I like the name very much but I could not able to register a .com and chosen .in [...]

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