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Pizza, Pasta, Smiles, and few Surprises

I was exhausted from a couple of hours of drive on the Hyderabad roads. My most awaited Saturday was spoiled after I got into an argument in the evening with traffic cops when they misbehaved.  I gave up knowing well it’s useless to argue further, quickly came out of the ego trip, and started my [...]

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Sachin knows: A fan’s take on critics

Sachin ka number kab ayega? When is Sachin’s number coming. This was part of the title of a show that one of the prestigious Indian news channels was running almost all the day on 20-02-2012. So pathetic it was that I almost laughed at the foolishness of the host and the people who were discussing [...]

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What’s common between a mobile services provider and Tigers in India? Only a month ago, 1411 was just another number without much significance attached to it. Now, almost everyone who watches television even moderately would say that, 1411 is the number of tigers left in India. Thanks to the massive media campaign from Aircel. For [...]

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The silent cry of buses

Have you ever heard of the word “bandh“?  Bandh is originally a Hindi word meaning ‘closed’. In India, even school going first-standard kids know the word ‘bandh‘ and it is synonymous to a holiday for them. When people want to organize a public protest in India for any reason, we call it ‘bandh‘ and make [...]

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Satyam in deep crisis

Adding to the woes of global economic downturn and recession affecting the Indian software industry, today in a dramatic turn of events Ramalinga Raju, Chairman of Satyam Computer Services company, resigned and confessed about an accounting fraud. He has resigned after admitting that he has been responsible for inflating profits for seven years, amounting to [...]

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