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bye bye old theme

Update written on: 15th Oct 2009 Due to some reasons, I have to temporarily disable this design. This is the first major redesign for this blog after I had moved to this domain in Feb, 2009. It took me around forty hours of work to finish this new design. In the last few weeks, I [...]

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back to blogging

In the last six weeks, I was occupied with few personal works which demanded most of my time. So, I could not find enough time to update the blog. I am back to blogging again, and planning to publish few articles in the coming days.

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New beginnings and new hopes

I started blogging in December 2006 with my first ever website. It was in some ways a dream come true to have my own website. Websites and Internet always fascinated me from my college days. But never had enough resources to start one. Unfortunately my first website – which was my personal blog – was [...]

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Happy New Year

I wish you a happy new year to all of you. May this new year bring you lots of joy, peace and love.

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My first blog post

Voila!! I have published my first blog post!! I have been dreaming to have my personal blog site from a long time. Finally its up and before you!! This site is driven by the popular personal publishing platform WordPress. A big thanks to the guys at WordPress for developing such a powerful Content Management System [...]

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