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Why do I blog

Few of my friends asked me many times why do I have a website?  They asked me whether I earn money – actually they meant a lot of money – from my blog. And few people asked me what a blog is anyway? When I heard this simple four lettered word for the first time, [...]

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How about .blog top level domain name?

While I was searching for a domain name for a new blog I am planning to start, it just came to my thought that it will be great if we can have .blog as the top level domain name. Blogs have taken mainstream and personal blogs are becoming very popular. Its very difficult to find [...]

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Practical tips to increase new blog’s visibility

One of the major issues for a new blogger is to bring visitors to their site. You have gone through all the troubles to setup your own blog and started publishing content. You are expecting the visitors to come and read the posts. You daily check if there are any new comments added and go [...]

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