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Happy Frog: A Fairy Tale

Article type: Writing exercise, Short Story, Fairy Tale Average reading time: 8 to 10 minutes The idea for this post started with a quotation I tried to write down and then that quotation turned into more ideas in my mind and then I decided I should type it down and see what comes out of [...]

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Whose mistake?

Article type: Writing exercise. Fiction. Short story. Average Reading time: 8 to 10 minutes Disclaimer: It’s not my story and for sure  none of my friends’ stories.  Pure nonsense from a crazy and lazy mind. This is an attempt to see if I can still write something worthwhile. I haven’t been writing from a long time; [...]

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Book review: HTML5 for Web Designers

When I first heard about HTML5, the immediate question that came to my mind was why it was named HTML5 instead of XHTML5. Why that ‘X’ was dropped? As web devlopers, when we say we use XHTML in our projects, it gives us a wierd satisfaction that we are doing things in the right and [...]

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Part 2: Pinky questions

The initial draft of this article was written way back in July 2009. I have edited it a couple of times after that initial draft and never really took the time to finish it and publish it after those re-edits. A re-read of the unfinished article today gave me a fresh look into it and [...]

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something something

I haven’t written anything here in last two months and as I type this article I can sense I had lost that ease with which I used to write before. I wanted to write something here desperately and so is the title of the post. In this article, I will try to re-collect what had [...]

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