Sachin knows: A fan’s take on critics

Sachin ka number kab ayega? When is Sachin’s number coming. This was part of the title of a show that one of the prestigious Indian news channels was running almost all the day on 20-02-2012. So pathetic it was that I almost laughed at the foolishness of the host and the people who were discussing about Sachin being dropped from the one day side.

Nothing can be as disrespectful for the God of the Indian cricket. And I have decided to write about this here as an almost die-hard fan of Sachin. They were talking about Sachin’s retirement from a long time and now these mad people have gone insane and asking for Sachin to be dropped.

Sachin knows. Yes, he knows better than anyone else on this planet about when he has to retire. He knows when it’s time to say a goodbye, for he has dedicated more than half of his life till now to a sport which is not any less than a religion in India.

Every time these crazy stupid media guys start discussing about whether it’s time for Sachin to retire, I cannot understand the foolishness behind this debate. May be they are real fools. Now that Ponting is dropped from the ODI team, the Indian media is going crazy whether Sachin should also be dropped. The very same guys are discussing about Sachin’s retirement from at least five years and yet they haven’t learned. Paradoxically as it may sound, this shows the foolishness behind the arguments. For almost five years, he answered them with the bat. And remember, never with a single word or not even with a single gesture. That’s why he is the God of the cricket.

Is this what a man or shall I say ‘the God’ expects from a country for which he played for more than two decades.

Isn’t it tremendously disrespectful to say that Sachin should be dropped from one-day team?

Why don’t you guys say that our politicians should retire? Has any channel said that a politician should retire?

Either these self-proclaimed critics with a microphone in their hands are out of their brains or they are unable to accept that a man can achieve something so superhuman. It’s jealousy rather than patriotism. It’s foolishness rather than criticism. It’s sheer madness rather than intelligence.

One guy, I am sure who hasn’t played a single international cricket match himself, says, ‘Country is more important than an individual’. Stupidity at it’s best. For whom Sachin played then?

As a a teenager he made India proud. He was an inspiration for a whole new generation of cricketers in India. He has showed that Cricket needs no God fathers. And now that he is nearing forties, we still see that very same innocent eyes which are hungry to hit the ball to the boundary. When in the field, he still patrols the boundary lines as if it’s our country’s border.

Yes, he is not in the best of the forms in this tour. So is almost everyone in the team. Why point at only Sachin. Why do we expect mathematical perfection? Are we perfect in everything we do? I am sure in whatever professions we are, we make mistakes. Then why do we expect ruthless perfection from cricketers? Yes, I do feel bad when India loses. But not to a point to make any statements like, Sachin should retire or someone else should retire.

The biggest myth is that when Sachin hits a century, India loses. Please check this wikipedia link and that data speaks for itself.

Personally, I strongly believe that no one in this country has any right to talk about a man like Sachin. This might sound very exaggerating. But honestly, what is our eligibility to talk about Sachin? Is there someone who is parallel to him? No, and we are sure never in near future we will find a parallel. Someone may remotely match his cricketing skills, but sure they will never come any closer to Sachin as a person. How many times we have seen the young players getting into controversies in the recent past, from showing middle fingers to slapping team mates and to insulting other team-mates in the press conferences. They have talent but nobody has got the skills of Sachin to last long for well over two decades as an idol of perfect player on the filed and as one of the best human beings off the field.

Most of Sachin’s critics are driven by jealousy.

The fact that a man can achieve so many humanly impossible things, makes these critics go mad and make statements which are outright foolish and should be condemned.

Two decades have passed and this man lived with almost no controversy. Now these critics have got a last chance to defame Sachin in the only possible way by dropping him from the one day squad.

To all those Sachin’s critics, you go and dump the rotten shit in your brains somewhere else and accept the fact that Sachin is beyond anyone’s criticism. If you cannot do that, please shut your mouths and better find some other job which earns you bread and butter.

When a man attains to such a perfection to the envy of the bests in the game, this is bound to happen. Everyone is looking for that one, one single thing which would make the God a normal human being. But God will come back and answer you with the bat. It happened before and it will happen again.

And the day Sachin retires from the ODIs, cricket will definitely loose a part of it’s glory in India. It will never be the same again for the millions of fans who dare not even to wink the eyes when Sachin is playing.

We must be fortunate enough to witness this man for almost two decades. After a hundred years, he will be like a myth which is believable only on the page. But we are fortunate enough to have seen him play. Play to a godly perfection. And rejoice the days till he decides to wave a goodbye. You will know that never again the Indian cricket is going to witness a man like Sachin.

And the pathetic mediocrity of Indian media is reaching its heights, or should I say its lows. They want Dhoni to be axed, they want Laxman, and Dravid to be retired. Guys please stop this nonsense. There are better people to decide this stuff.

You and I are in no way have any credibility whatsoever to decide the future of few of the top cricketers this country has ever produced.

There are two kinds of cricketers in India. One is Sachin and other is the rest. And unfortunately we are at the verge of Sachin waving a good bye. Till then feel yourself fortunate enough to see the God live on the screen!

As a die-hard fan of Sachin, it makes me very sad when I see the stupidity of people who are not willing to accept Sachin as the epitome of what is humanly achievable in any sport.

Because Sachin knows better than anyone else, so please stop this non-sense about Sachin’s retirement.

If you are not in that ignorant minority of Sachin’s critics and if you liked this post, please share it.

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  1. James
    Posted February 21, 2012 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

    I hope we agree to disagree here.

    I am talking abt only ODIs here..

    I want him to retire “gracefully” from ODI team, Lets be honest the ODI is much competitive than the ODI teams we had in the past. Tendulkar dont need to hung around if he really thinks about the future of the team. Do you think he is gonna play 2015 WC?? Lol

    I am not a great fan of his “opting to play” policy. :-/ it sort of creates a negativity on the chaps who is repeatedly being dropped whenever he returns.

    I am surprised that you got into the bandwagon “Sachin is god”. Seriously!!!

    • Posted February 22, 2012 at 2:16 pm | Permalink

      James, the whole point in writing this article was that to say we are nobody to decide Sachin’s future. He knows very well when it’s time to say a good bye. He isn’t playing for his school and he knows what it means to play for a country like India more than anyone else.

      • Posted February 24, 2012 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

        Most of the Players are playing for money but not for the country.
        Cricketers earn money only when they are in the team. So they don’t want to quit even if India looses. They will say it collective effort “WIN or LOSS”

        • P.Vikram
          Posted February 25, 2012 at 3:12 am | Permalink

          Cricket in India is not just cricket unlike any other countries.To realize this and recomment on Sachin you have to rewind 20 years back from now…….

  2. P.Vikram
    Posted February 25, 2012 at 3:05 am | Permalink

    Hello James,
    With your comments here I assume that you are not Indian. I donot know where to start with. I can only say that you ae not eligible to speak about Sachin.
    –> Lets be honest the ODI is much competitive than the ODI teams we had in the past.
    a. Sachin played against most dangerous bowlers(C.Ambrose, C.Walsh, A.Donald, McDormatt, S.Akhtar, W.Akram , W.Younis…………B.Lee etc.,).For a batsman in which form do you think he should prove that he is much competitive otherthan scoring a double century a year back.
    –> Tendulkar dont need to hung around if he really thinks about the future of the team.
    a. what is future of team in your terms. Do you think the 11 playing today will be able to make 2015 WC. Then just dream ….

    –> I am not a great fan of his “opting to play” policy. :-/ it sort of creates a negativity on the chaps who is repeatedly being dropped whenever he returns.
    a. No one is asking to be his fan. We have enough in our Country. He is never dropped. It is either he is injured or he wanted youngsters to play.

    –> I am surprised that you got into the bandwagon “Sachin is god”. Seriously!!!
    a. For this question call me…I shall explain you why….this blog is not enough to write about that….

    • P.Vikram
      Posted February 25, 2012 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

      –> I am not a great fan of his “opting to play” policy. :-/ it sort of creates a negativity on the chaps who is repeatedly being dropped whenever he returns
      a. I misunderstood your sentence above. Infact, there are 11 players and after Sachin there are 10 slots which are open. I do not think this will not stop the young talent to place themselves. If anyone is more talented and equally fit than him at his level, he knows that its the day………we do not have to tell him.

  3. Ashwin
    Posted October 26, 2012 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

    I do not agree – A lot of us do not comment about something else just because we haven’t been in the same place as that someone whom we have been commenting upon. If that is the case, then we aren’t allowed to talk about anyone or anything – in most cases.

    Sachin is not bigger than cricket. He has to go, as simple as that. Just because he “was” the best Indian batsman for quiet sometime, does not mean he can continue playing – by leveraging on his past. That is quiet irrational, and any selector cannot make decisions based on what one has done in that past. However cold blooded i may sound, we only judge by the present.

    Let us be clear on something – He is not GOD – Having achieved what others have not does not make you one. And however, partial I may sound, let’s get a few things straight. Most of his records have benefited only him.
    He cobbler like approach to run-making is neither inspirational nor entertaining.

    I am a Sachin fan myself (probably bigger than you) and it is not easy for me to watch him struggle at the wicket against the weakest of bowlers. Let him decide when to retire – no doubt.

    But someone needs to decide whether he makes the cut in the final X1. And i believe, there will not be a unanimous agreement on that outcome.

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