never share any secret information in email subject

I am not sure whether anyone had already written about this, but here is a little piece of advice.

Never ever share any secret information in email subject.

When we are in a hurry to send a one-liner email with information such as a phone number or a friend’s email address, we usually type the info in the email subject and send it. I am sure most of us have done it few times.

What is the problem?

Most of the email providers like Yahoo, Google, and others use the email subject as part of the title for the browser window/tab. You can see this in action if you open your Gmail/Yahoo account and check in the title bar to see the subject being displayed there when you open any email.

There is no big issue if it is being displayed in the title bar. But the problem is, browsers store the opened URLs in the history and usually associate the title of the page with the URL and save the title of the page also in the history.

So, when someone searches the history of your browser with a search terms like ‘’ or ‘’, or something appropriate, they can easily see all email subjects stored in the browser’s history.

Though emails cannot be viewed until logged into the account, email subjects in the browser’s history can easily be found. This is the reason why you should never share any personal/secret information like credit card details in the email subject.

Thank you for reading.

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