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of reading books

In my entire life, I have never read anything close to what I have managed to read in the last couple of months alone. I have started reading voraciously from the last year. How my love with reading books started? Well, I do not know exactly. I have always wanted to read from the college [...]

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why do we meet people we meet

Confusing title? May be. It is like: ‘why do we do what we do.’ We meet many people. Many times randomly. Few of them become best friends, few of them enemies, few of them acquaintances, one of them may become spouse, and few of them we just forget that we met. Why do we meet [...]

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To life with gratitude

This is my first ever try at writing anything close to  a poem. I hope you like it. I would be happy to hear your thoughts about it. *** To life I salute with gratitude Without you what creation is for With you everything exists Life and life alone In the deepest valleys On the [...]

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So what do you do?

So what do you do? The eternal question that we cannot escape from being asked by others. At parties, in trains, in marriages, and in fact where ever we go. Doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live. ‘So what do you do’ is a question that I really started hating from the [...]

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A well spent weekend

Weekends are special. A well spent weekend can carry its good spirits into the following week. Finally I managed to keep myself away from books and laptop for the last weekend and went to Hyderabad to have some fun time with relatives and friends. I attended a concert called ‘Barkha Ritu’ by Pandit Shivkumar Sharma [...]

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