Enigmatic existence

Often times I wonder: whether events in our life are random or there is something more meaningful in the seemingly meaninglessness of life’s events which appear to be totally random most of the times.

Leaving the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life to the big brains and enlightened beings, for mere mortals like me, life is a series of events, starting from birth to the last breath. Biggest of the events and the most random being our birth. For majority of the population, where we are born and to whom we are born, inevitably plays a major role in what we are at any given point of time. If we were born in a war torn country, our life would be totally different in many ways from if we were born in a developed country. Yes, there are exceptions to this exceptionally random event. People defied their social backgrounds and rose far above what people around them expected. The fact is, they are very few and all of them made history.

What is behind this seemingly random phenomenon, that we call as life, is the mystery that seekers from primordial times of human existence always tried to understand. They tried to call this phenomenon God, the creative force and with lot of other names. In my limited knowledge, I can fairly say or rather assume that, every religion in some way had tried to answer this question: is life a random series of events or there is some principle on which life works on this planet?

Leaving the mystical aspects of life for the time being, though creation seems to be random at times, when we give a little thought, it seems to be an intelligent work or may be the most intelligent of all. If only, earth was few millimeters near to the Sun than it is now, I wouldn’t be typing these words and you wouldn’t be reading this either. There was a lot of intelligence involved in creating life on this planet. Remove one aspect of the creation and there it ends or may be it would have never started. As simple as it can be: if there was no water, there wouldn’t be any life on this planet. Was water created to support life or life is there because water was there in the first place? It is like the classic hen and egg enigma. Let alone how water got created in the first place.

Even though, every religion has its own ways of explaining God or no God, there never seemed to be a universal agreement among the beliefs of all religions. The safest bottom ground we can chose is that ‘we exist and the creation exists’.

Agreeing on the basic fact that we exist and creation exists, then the question is: what governs life on this planet? Is it a random process? Or is there some hidden principle that takes care of the events that happen in life? Are we all lost in randomness and fooled by it?

No single answer or dogma can convince everyone of us. This being the basis for different belief systems, sects, cults, and religions. No matter who preaches us the enigmas of existence, we are skeptical not to believe all of the preachings.

If the life was never created and only inanimate creation existed, who would have thought why creation exists? Who would have experienced the beauties of creation? Creation without life is barren.

No matter how advanced we are scientifically, there are questions that science is unable to find any answers. There seems no way, as of now, to explain the enigmas of existence. All we have are theories without concrete proofs.

The funniest thing of all is, we create tiny little worlds of our own and become so entangled in our own creation.

Lets wait and see if science can ever find answers to why and how of creation. Enigmas of existence.

Have you ever tried to imagine what if nothing exists? Where the creation starts and where it ends? Let alone when and how it started. I am not insane about finding answers or any such stuff, however, now and then these questions come in flashes.

I am sure this post leaves with more questions than answers. I am no enlightened being to fathom the enigmatic existence. I tried to empty few thoughts from my mind and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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