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of deadlines, commitments, and targets

Why do we need targets? A loose metaphor would be to say that we need them for the same reasons ships needed lighthouses in older times. To reach the intended destination, avoid any disasters and so on. So, why am I here writing about this self-help kind of stuff? Well, I am not really preaching [...]

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20 something and confused

Ashok, is in his early twenties and works for an Indian software giant. He gets a good paycheck that he deserves for his thirty months work-exp. He left his first job and joined this new company a couple of months ago, with a reasonable hike in the salary. Life seems to be fine except in [...]

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The silent cry of buses

Have you ever heard of the word “bandh“?  Bandh is originally a Hindi word meaning ‘closed’. In India, even school going first-standard kids know the word ‘bandh‘ and it is synonymous to a holiday for them. When people want to organize a public protest in India for any reason, we call it ‘bandh‘ and make [...]

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Enigmatic existence

Often times I wonder: whether events in our life are random or there is something more meaningful in the seemingly meaninglessness of life’s events which appear to be totally random most of the times. Leaving the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life to the big brains and enlightened beings, for mere mortals like me, life [...]

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nobody’s nobody

Few days back, while I was reading this book, The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri, a story in that book struck me. In the foreword which had a catchy title, ‘the importance of being important‘, author shared a story, which I am not sure whether he originally wrote it or that story existed [...]

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