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A man with eight rings

Few weeks back when I was shopping, I happened to see a man who had eight rings combined on his two hands. The moment I saw him, I knew I have got something interesting to write here. First things first, let me explain how he looked. From his appearance it wasn’t difficult for me to [...]

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Why do I blog

Few of my friends asked me many times why do I have a website?  They asked me whether I earn money – actually they meant a lot of money – from my blog. And few people asked me what a blog is anyway? When I heard this simple four lettered word for the first time, [...]

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New beginnings and new hopes

I started blogging in December 2006 with my first ever website. It was in some ways a dream come true to have my own website. Websites and Internet always fascinated me from my college days. But never had enough resources to start one. Unfortunately my first website – which was my personal blog – was [...]

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Interview: Srivyal Vuyyuri founder of Sphoorti Organization

Few days back I had a chance to talk to Srivyal Vuyyuri, founder of Sphoorti Organization. Sphoorti is a Hyderabad based NGO running orphanages – working for children from underprivileged and vulnerable groups – orphan and poor, children of HIV/AIDS parents and sex workers – by providing rehabilitation, education, medical, healthcare and transforming them into [...]

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