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Today I watched a TV show that really moved me. Regional language television channels in India have become a big mess with boring content. After a long time I really liked this show in a Telugu channel.

The name of the program is ‘Black’. It provides a platform for visually challenged people – those who cannot see – to showcase their singing talent. I was really moved by the way the participants sang and their enthusiasm to participate despite the disability.

One girl who was eliminated from the show said that she will practice well and try to sing well when she gets another opportunity to prove her talent. If you ever watched a reality show or any other show where people compete, I am sure, you might have seen people crying when they are eliminated from the show as if they have lost everything in life. But this girl who cannot see, has really shown so much maturity that its all part of the game. In a competition only one wins but not everyone.

I think even though the show is specially for visually challenged people, most of them were competent enough to participate in regular shows. The passion with which they participated was really inspiring.

Unfortunately there are many reality shows which we cannot watch with our families. I often wonder of what use these reality shows are in a larger context except adding more money into the pockets of the producers. I feel we need more shows like the one I have watched.

And I was reminded of a book which has been in racks from a very long time. The book is written by Helen Keller and the name of the book is ‘The Story of My Life‘. I bought this book few months back and stopped reading after few pages, though I must say I found it very interesting. Now, I have decided or rather inspired to finish it as soon as possible and gonna write a review after I am done with the book. If you have not heard of Helen Keller before and do not have enough time to go through the Wikipedia page, here is quick info for you. Helen Adams Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968) was an American author, activist, and lecturer. She was the first deafblind person to graduate from college.

I have somehow managed to find a small video of this program on Internet. Watch it here:

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