of profit and loss

Profit, as all of us know is something we gain in a business activity or for that matter in any activity in our lives. Loss is something that we lose in any business activity or in any other activity. When markets are doing good and economy is going great you make profits from your investments and when the markets are not good you may lose some of your investments.

Few days back I happened to read in a book or watched in a TV program an interesting explanation of profit and loss. After a tough attempt to recollect, I am really unable to recall in which book I have read it or whether I watched it on TV.

Its simple – in life there is no loss. If you give it a thought for a moment, you realize it is as simple as that and very true. Whatever you posses at this very moment is your complete profit. I just wanted to write few lines here on this concept. I am no saint or a guru giving a spiritual talk, but I wonder how often we forget the most basic facts in life in earning a life for us.

So, irrespective of anyone’s current financial position you are never at a loss. Everything that you gather from that very first breath you took on the earth is your profit.

How often we forget this and brood over small and petty things in life.

The next time when you think something as loss, I sincerely wish, you remember this very basic truth and be happy.

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