Good bye 2008!

Personally 2008 has been just like any other year for me. Only thing that surprises me as I type this article on my laptop, is the fast pace at which the year-end has come. It looks as if yesterday I have sent new year wishes to my friends and taken some new resolutions for 2008, but it’s already over and it’s just less than 24 hours left in 2008 as I write these words.

Though there are no significant things happened at personal and professional front, there are quite a few interesting things to remember and write here.

This is the second year for me as a freelancer after quitting my job on Jan 10th 2007. Though getting into a job sounded to be the safest option in the middle of the year, now as the markets are struggling, getting into a job seems not so easy. I hope markets would pickup in 2009 and all those who have lost their jobs due to the recession get their jobs back.

In June, surprising all of my friends – this includes my dad – and everyone in family, I went and stayed in a yoga ashram in Bangalore for 15 days. This was a great experience for me interacting with people from many walks of life from teenagers to elderly people in their late seventies. Made few good friends over there and inhaled pure oxygen for two weeks. Had lots of fun and importantly never wrote a single line of code in two weeks. No laptop, no regular Internet, no client emails – though occasionally used Internet on my mobile to check for any urgent mails. If I ever think about 2008 in future, these two weeks will definitely come to my mind.

In October, surprising everyone again, I went to Mumbai to attend Inner Engineering program conducted by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. My dream of meeting a real mystic and yogi came true during this three day program conducted at International Convention Center in Mumbai Stock Exchange premises. If someone asks me what is the one best thing I have done in 2008, I would say this would be it – attending this yoga program.

The above two are most important things that happened in 2008 at personal front for me.

Hmmm… sadly one more year over with the relationship status “single’ in my Orkut profile. Seems this would be so in 2009 also, even though I secretly dream of changing it to committed when I find that lovely girl! Guys don’t tell my dad about this.

Jokes apart, and coming to the larger picture, India has witnessed the worst of terrorist attacks when Mumbai was attacked on 26th November. Nothing can remove the grief from the families who had lost their relatives and friends. May God give them the courage to get back to normal life. Serial blasts rocked several of Indian cities leaving common people in fear of what’s going to happen in the country.

When talking about India if you forget its universal religion, yes I am about to write about Cricket, then you leave a very important part of India untouched. 2008 is the start of India becoming world number one in all forms of the game. Under the leadership of young Dhoni, it seems India is definitely going to become number one by the end of 2009. All cricket fans out there – just pray for this to happen! Sachin becoming the highest run getter in Test cricket, beating the record of Lara, was one more occasion for the fans to celebrate.

Coming to the technology front, Chandrayaan -1, India’s mission on moon, was a big success and India proved to the world the importance of our country in future space research, becoming the sixth nation to join the elite club of countries achieving this feat on the moon.

If you ask any of the software engineers who have joined after the year 2000, they will tell you 2008 is the worst of all years they have seen. Many of my friends are concerned about the security of the job. It’s a known fact that there are many big companies firing employees and give it a lovely name like ‘cost cutting’. With fear and hope I pray that in the coming year 2009, software industry should return to its peak.

Good by 2008!

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    a good read! A cool way to sum it up.

    Hope the software engineer finds some solace!

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