On govt duty

If the title of this post sounds new to you, let me explain first. ‘on govt duty’ – these are the very familiar words in India which can be seen on any of the vehicles assigned for government employees. Government provides vehicles to some of its employees. They are supposed to be used for the office work.

Few days back I have attended a marriage in Hyderabad. It is one of my classmate’s wedding. And let me tell you, the marriage was on a fine Sunday. To my surprise there were more vehicles with this sign saying “on govt duty” than the normal ones. These vehicles are supposed to be used for the official work. But no one cares for what purpose they are used in India. Many officers, who are in very respectable positions use the vehicles for their personal work.

It is not a blasphemy to use a little resources of government for personal use. You might use the vehicle with your own fuel and drive it for personal work. But using the government fuel and drivers for personal work is really not a good thing to do morally.

Whenever respected Abdul Kalam or any visionary talks about India becoming superpower by 2020, these kind of many small things come to my mind. Every citizen needs to be responsible if India will ever really become a developed nation or the number one country.

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