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Good bye 2008!

Personally 2008 has been just like any other year for me. Only thing that surprises me as I type this article on my laptop, is the fast pace at which the year-end has come. It looks as if yesterday I have sent new year wishes to my friends and taken some new resolutions for 2008, [...]

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Gram Panchayat Puruskar from

Gram panchayats are local government bodies at the village level in India. As of 2002 there were about 265,000 gram panchayats in India. has announced awards for innovative panchayats and encourage more innovation in local governance throughout the country. Initially the top five innovative panchayats in each state , Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, will [...]

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On govt duty

If the title of this post sounds new to you, let me explain first. ‘on govt duty’ – these are the very familiar words in India which can be seen on any of the vehicles assigned for government employees. Government provides vehicles to some of its employees. They are supposed to be used for the [...]

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Right things Right results

After writing the exams a man went to a place of worship and prayed to God to make him pass the exams at least this time as he is failing for the past five years. This man is doing the same thing from the last five years. Writing the exam and praying to God. But [...]

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Hair Style

Its been a long time since I updated this blog. So thought of updating and here comes this odd article. These days people started asking me why I have long hair? What Style is it? After shaving my head almost 10 months back, I have never gone for a hair cut till now. So you [...]

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