Identity Cards cards made mandatory in Delhi

Everyone in Delhi must carry a photo identity card from January 15th 2007. Next time you visit Delhi, make sure you carry your identity card or be ready to get interrogated by police. Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Tejinder Khanna announced this on January 4th, Friday, saying the move was to counter the rising incidents of terror.

There is a mixed response for this move from the general public and experts. While Kiran Bedi says its a good move and made at right time, there are few other who are not convinced with the idea. ‘Those posing a real threat to our security can easily rustle up some counterfeit ID proof without much trouble,” says advocate, Supreme Court, Prashant Bhushan.

Only time will tell whether this is going to be another tool for the police to harass the public or this move is really going to make Delhi a more safer place to live. But, when people can get fake passports and visas, and cross oceans, what’s the point in imposing these kind of laws?

What about all those labor and other working people who do not have an identity card to show? Most of them are migrated from other parts of the country to earn a life. Is it the end for these people? Delhi police really have to think about the solutions to answer these questions before imposing this law. You cannot simply assume that every citizen in this country has an identity proof to prove that he or she is an authorized citizen of this country to live in or to visit Delhi.

From my knowledge, security needs to be addressed in a long term basis. Short term solutions like these are not going to help much and sadly they may cause more problems for the citizens.

Harnessing the latest information and communication technologies to provide more foolproof solutions like smart cards for every citizen are really going to help. Though these kind of solutions are budget heavy, they can successfully be implemented in long term.

Anyways, no solution can be foolproof, at least in the near future. We have seen this many a times. Educating the citizens to become more responsible should be the first priority.

IBNLive has an interesting story on fake identity cards: Fake identity cards for Rs5,500.

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