Practical tips to increase new blog’s visibility

One of the major issues for a new blogger is to bring visitors to their site. You have gone through all the troubles to setup your own blog and started publishing content. You are expecting the visitors to come and read the posts. You daily check if there are any new comments added and go through page view statistics. You find there are not enough visitors as you are expecting. I have few suggestions to help you out to bring more users to your brand new blog.


As we know visuals speak more than words, it’s quite true for your blog. Having an aesthetic design is a primary requirement to give a good first impression to the new visitors. If you are using the themes freely available on net, make sure you select a good theme which relates well to the content you are going to write on the blog. Make sure your content is easily readable. Choose colors and fonts carefully. For example a yellowish color on white background is hard to read.


Once you have a design which looks great, then comes content. If your blog is about a particular niche, make sure you update your blog with latest happenings in your niche. Be quick to respond to the latest developments in your niche or in general any other interesting topics around. Personally I feel content is the primary driving force to increase your blog’s visibility.

Post titles:

Post title is what your visitors primarily look at. If the post title is not good, there is less chance that they will read the post. Consider the following post titles.

  1. All about earning money online
  2. Easy tips to make money online
  3. How am I earning $10000 every month online?

Assuming, you are about to write an article to share your experiences about making money online. Let’s see which of the above three titles to use. First title lacks the clarity. Second title is better compared to the first one and will attract more attention. People often look for easy tips rather than knowing everything about a topic. Third one has more clarity and people are always eager to know and learn through others experience. If you are more creative you can write a more appealing title.


Find out the existing best blogs in your niche. Try to participate in the discussions through the comments. Making good points on the posts in others blogs will definitely lead some traffic to your blog. Dont comment just for the purpose of getting some traffic. Be genuine about commenting otherwise your blog might be considered as a spam by other bloggers.

Participate in the discussions through online forums. Many forums allow you to add your website address in your signature. The more you contribute the more are the chances to increase traffic to your blog. Again be genuine!

Submit Articles:

Another way is to submit the articles you have written on your blog to other sites which will publish your articles. Most of these sites will allow you to add a link to your blog. The best site to submit your articles is EzineArticles.


Links play a crucial role in popularizing a blog. Ask your friends to link to your blog. If you don’t have any friends who have blogs ( as of this writing I am the first one to have a blog in my friend’s circle! great! ) it takes some amount of effort to get linked. On your blog, provide links to other interesting blogs you have noticed. I don’t mean to say that you link to every blog you find. Select the blogs which worth linking on your blog. Assuming that you have worthy content, you might expect a link back from the blogs to which you have linked. This way you can make new friends while increasing blog visibility.

Listing your site:

Listing your blog in blog directories might help you in getting some traffic. Divya Uttam at her blog Blogging to Fame has links to blog directories. You might consider submitting to these directories but don’t be too obsessive about submitting to each and every blog directory around.

Search Engine Submission:

You can avoid this if you are using a hosted service like Blogger, LiveJournal and WordPress. Try to submit your blog to the major search engines around so that they can index your site and content. Personally I prefer submitting to Google, Yahoo and MSN would be enough as most of the other search engines use these three search engines to show the results.

Email Signature:

Add a link to your blog in your email signature. This becomes viral when one of your friends forwards your mail to his friends and one of his friends forwards it to his friends and so on……..( Yes, I know its too much )

Going Social:

Try to promote your blog through the social networking sites like MySpace, Orkut to name a few. This would definitely help you in driving some traffic.


Register your blog with Technorati. I would say this is the first thing you should do after you have setup your brand new blog.

That’s it! I am planning to elaborate more on the few of the topics mentioned above in my future posts. Following are the links which you might find useful to increase your blog’s visibility.

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  2. How to get the first 10,000 visitors to your blog

Wish you Happy and Profitable Blogging!

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    Its a good and a long post, and as you have taken me as an example I would like to inform your readers that directory submission does bring visibility to your site, but do not solely depend on it. There is lot more link building that has to be done. You can get many ideas in my post about Linkbaiting.

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    Good write up Chandra.

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    Hi Chandra, 10k in mons is realy – but not for evrybody

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