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Practical tips to increase new blog’s visibility

One of the major issues for a new blogger is to bring visitors to their site. You have gone through all the troubles to setup your own blog and started publishing content. You are expecting the visitors to come and read the posts. You daily check if there are any new comments added and go [...]

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Must read articles for a wanna be entrepreneur

Rajesh Jain at his personal blog shares his experiences as an entrepreneur. I am a daily reader of this blog. I like his writing style. All the articles under entrepreneurship category are worth reading. He returned to India in 1991 after working in US for 2 years. He has recently published a series of articles [...]

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My first blog post

Voila!! I have published my first blog post!! I have been dreaming to have my personal blog site from a long time. Finally its up and before you!! This site is driven by the popular personal publishing platform WordPress. A big thanks to the guys at WordPress for developing such a powerful Content Management System [...]

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